Berlin 2008: Podcasting for learning: design, technology and institutional embedding

Wednesday 3rd Dec 2008, 10:00am – 1:00pm

Online Educa Preconference workshop, Berlin


Facilitators: Dr Palitha Edirisingha, Prof Gilly Salmon, Dr Ming Nie

University of Leicester, UK.

Key Resource: Salmon, G., and Edirisingha, P. (eds) (2008) Podcasting for Learning in Universities, London: McGraw-Hill and Open University Press.

  Time  Duration  Title  Activity/Resource 
10:00 5 min  Welcome and introduction to the workshop

Powerpoint Presentation

Chapters 1 & 3 of the Book

2 10:05  10 min  Podcasting: a definition; how podcasts differ from other forms of learning technologies; benefits to students and staff.
3 10:15  10 min  Variety of podcast approaches (9 podcasts) Book's website
4 10:25  25 min  How can podcasts be used to support teaching, learning and assessment?  

Case Studies

Task-sheet 1


5 10:50  10 min  Report back to group   
11:00  5 min  A framework to consider how podcasts fit within teaching, learning and assessment  

Podcast landscape diagram

10 factor design model

11:05  10 min  Podcast recording and editing software  Audacity Instruction Sheet


Appendix of the Book (pp.188-204)

11:15  20 min 

Installing Audacity and Lame Encoder software

Audacity Software

Lame Encoder 

11:35  5 min  Designing podcasting for learning: two approaches to integrate into a module / course.


Podcasting and online learning (a podcast - right click and 'save target as')

Podcast and collaborative learning (a podcast - right click and 'save target as')

10  11:40  30 min  Developing an outline for a podcast 


Task-sheet 2 

Chapter 10 of the Book (pp.156-168)

Podcast development model

11  12:10  30 min  Recording a podcast (3 minute long); publishing on VLE 

How to publish a podcast 

Appendix of the Book (pp.188-204)

12  12:40  20 min  Sustainability and institutional scaling up   


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