Impala research instruments

This folder contains research instruments used in the Impala project since March 2006.
File Podcasting - Student Survey
This is the questionnaire drafted for the UoL case study on podcasting. The module is a 2nd and 3rd year Enginnering mdule 'Optical Fibre Communication Systems'. The questionnaire was adminstered to 2nd and 3rd year Engineering students who took part in the pilot study. The module lecturer was Prof John Fothergill.
File Student Interview schedule
This is the interview schedule used for the UoL case study on podcasts within a 2nd and 3rd year Engineering module. This was a 2nd semester optional module taken by 35 students. The file contains the intervew questions and prompts, and interviews lasted about 45 minutes. Students were give a £5 meal vouchers for taking part in interviews.
File Using Impala wiki, blogs and folders ...
To support the IMPALA project and the partners a variety of online resources have been made available, including a Website, Blog, Wiki and many others. This is a brief introduction to the tools and how you can access them.
File End of semester evaluation questionnaire
File Student focus group interview schedule
File Student personal interview schedule

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