eMundus is an initiative supported by the European Commission with the aim to strengthen cooperation and awareness among European Higher Education Institutions and their counterparts in strategic partner countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Indonesia, Canada, and New Zealand, by exploring the potential of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) and virtual Mobility (VM) to support long-term, balanced, inter-cultural academic partnership.

MOOC drawing 

To reach this aim, the project will work toward four objectives:

  1. To map the global state of the art of MOOCs and Virtual Mobility developments both in Europe and in the other involved countries.
  2. To foster global sharing of knowledge, tools, and practices around MOOCs and VM, stressing their impact on HE internationalisation and on issues such as employability, quality assurance, credit recognition, and joint degrees.
  3. To promote and mainstream working practices of MOOCs and VMs as a way to 21st century academic cooperation, making sure that the best practices of the world leaders in the field are transferred to universities which are beginning to adopt MOOCs and Virtual Mobility as strategies for their internationalisation.
  4. To provide an input to HE institutions, HE networks, and HE policy makers on the strategies that can be put in place to face the internationalisation challenge with the potential of ICT, therefore increasing the European HE area attractiveness and long-term collaboration strategies.

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