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The following SL-tivities are also available for download:

SL-tivities for Education students

Phase 1: Preparation (Week 1 and 2)

  • Sharing useful information/ resources/ links.
  • Sharing experiences in Second Life.
  • Questions about Second Life within a Blackboard discussion forum.

Phase 2: Getting started in Second Life (Week 3 and 4)

  • Creating a Second Life account
  • Creating their avatar
  • Practising basic movement and communication skills using the SL training guide.
  • Providing in-world training for groups of students to learn and practise key technical skills.
  • Providing instructions to students’ questions and discussing issues in the Blackboard discussion forum.

Phase 3: Second Life visits (Week 5 and 6)

  • Students scheduling individual or group visits to
  • Students visiting and class observations in

Phase 4: Discussion/reflection (Week 7)

  • Students sharing thoughts and feelings on the use of Second Life as an environment for EFL teaching in the Blackboard discussion forum
  • Students discussing in Second Life what follow-up would they like to do as a group.

SL-Tivities for Psychology students

Between November and December 2009, a structured activity in SL (SL-tivity) (see Table 1) was designed by the Psychology team, using Salmon’s (2002) 5-stage model and trialled with four Psychology students studying a training and development module. The SL-tivity involved students to participate in an evacuation excise from a SL oil rig. The purpose of the SL-tivity was to enable students to apply their learning about workplace training in a real-life scenario.

Stage 1 (Access and Motivation)

Week 1 Introduction

  • Why we are using SL

  • Overview of the SL-tivitiy via email

  • Providing students witrh links, resources, online guides, YouTube videos and MOOSE resources via email

Week 2 Getting Started

  • Students using guides and resources to acquaint themselves with SL while in the environment
  • Learning how to: 2ndlife_rig.jpg
    • Log in
    • Choose an avatar name
    • Create an avatar
    • Teleport
    • Move
    • Communicate

Stages 1 and 2 (Access and Motivation and Online Socialisation)

Week 3 Acquiring competence, improving confidence and motivation

A group training session in SL for students and staff led by Beyond Distance Learning Technologists.  Aiming to assist in the acquisition of the following skills:

  • Specific movements and gestures
  • Navigation
  • Camera control
  • Different modes of communication

Stages 2 and 3 (Online Socialisation and Information Exchange)

Week 4 Explaining and discussing the task

An initial meeting will be held in SL to explain the task which will feature on a virtual Oil Rig.  It will allow students:

  • Ask questions
  • Discuss their views
  • Discuss general concerns
  • Comment on the task
  • Talk about the process so far

Week 4 Initial visit to the Oil Rig

The tour will enable students to look around, inspect and familiarise themselves with the environment.  At the end of the tour they will be asked their thoughts in relation to a brief which they will then present in a brief to the senior project team.

Stage 4 (Knowledge Construction)

Week 5 Revisiting the Oil Rig

Students will be free to visit Oil Rig as much as they wish whilst they are preparing their ideas.  This may be done on their own or with other members of the project team.


Stage 4 (Knowledge Construction)

Week 6 The event

The live fire will occur in which students will have to perform an evacuation. 

Stage 4 (Knowledge Construction)

Week 7 Presentation of results

Students will be asked to present their findings in SL

Stage 5 Development

Week 8 Feedback

Each student will receive individual feedback on their presentation by email.

Week 8 Evaluation

Participants will be emailed and thanked for their participation, and invited to respond via email to give their thoughts about the project and reflect upon the task if they wish to.

Resources for Second Life

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