Podcasting Design Framework

The podcasts have been carefully designed and planned using a framework adapted from IMPALA's Podcasting Development Model:

The framework guides the user to consider 5 key design aspects:

  • Sections
  • Key messages
  • Purpose
  • Duration
  • Producer(s) of each section

The table below shows the planned structure and content of a psychology podcast.

Sections Key message Purpose  Duration  Producer 


  • Navigate handbook
  • Informal supplement to handbook
  • Introduction/inspire
  • Get students to use the handbook
1 min Andrew


  •  Socialise
  • Help at design stage
  • Supervisors: who they are
  • Who we are
  • Roles
 2 mins  All


  • Structure of dissertation
  • Different routes
  • Explain/discuss deliverables
 4 mins  Sue


  •  Help you to justice to the work
  • Procedures, advice
  • Expectations
  • Outline the podcast series
 2 mins  Ray

Download and view a table summary of the podcasts produced by Education and Psychology (PDF, 169Kb)

Education Podcasts

The Education team have produced and integrated podcasts into their Sociolinguistics module in the following categories (the number of podcasts produced follows in brackets):

  • Module 3: Language Discourse and Analysis
  • Module 2: Phonology
    • Intonation audio files (50)
  • Dissertation
    • Introduction and guidance on the literature review (3)

Psychology Podcasts

The Psychology team produced podcasts in six categories (the number of podcasts produced follows in brackets):


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