E-reader guide

To aid students in using their e-readers DUCKLING created a subject specific e-reader guide for Education and Psychology, the students can view and download this on BlackBoard:

Converting a Word document into an e-book

Converting documents into e-books can be tricky but DUCKLING has documented the process of conversion.   This is still being added to and perfected as our knowledge expands:

Psychology ePubs

As part of the OTTER project there are several ePub e-books within our repository available for you to download:

E-books and E-readers

The definition of e-books has changed in recent years. A decade or so ago, libraries first began to make e-books available, which can be read from a computer browser with a live internet connection. Now, however, e-books are increasingly being seen as something that can be downloaded to a handheld device and read anywhere regardless of internet connection. As a result of DUCKLING, we have begun to hold workshops on e-books and e-books especially, but not exclusively, for the librarian's consideration.


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