Events and Dissemination

October 2010: JISC The Great Exhibition

Ale Armellini, Ming Nie and Gilly Salmon presented DUCKLING in an eggshell (PDF, 138Kb) as well as the key findings from DUCKLING (PDF, 1.23Mb) at this curriculum design and delivery meeting.

September 2010: Psychology Network Newsletter article

Claire Hardy submitted an article on Second Life, podcasting and e-readers and their use within the Occupational Psychology course to Psychology Network.

Download and view the article (PDF, 2.62MB)

September 2010: JISC Effective Assessment in a Digital Age

DUCKLING features promiently in JISC's Effective Assessment in a Digital Age guide.  The guide draws on recent JISC reports and case studies from different contexts and modes of learning to explore the relationship between technology-enhanced assessment and feedback practices and meaningful, well-supported learning experiences.

DUCKLING is a featured case study on 'Enhancing the experience of feedback' (PDF).

September 2010: ALT-C, Nottingham

DUCKLING was represented through three short papers at the ALT-C conference:

September 2010: EUROCALL, France.

Dr Diane Davies and Dr Pamela Rogerson-Revell from the School of Education will be presenting a paper on 'Exploring the use of new technologies (e-book readers, Second Life and podcasting), to enhance the distance learning experience. (View Abstract PDF, 310KB)'

July 2010: D-Lib magazine article

Ming Nie and Gabi Witthaus submitted an article on DUCKLING to D-Lib magazine.  This is the magazine of Digital Library Research. View the article:

July 2010: Alt-J article

Ming Nie, Alejandro Armellini, Sue Harrington, Kelly Barklamb and Ray Randall submitted an article to ALT-J which was published in Volume 18, Issue 2, pages 105- 118.  Download and read the article on 'The role of podcasting in effective curriculum renewal'

July 2010: JISC Learning and Teaching Practice Experts Group, Bristol.

Alejandro Armellini, Ming Nie and Terese Bird attended this event and presented the DUCKLING research findings. (View and download the findings PDF, 305KB)

June 2010: The Assessment Manifesto in Practice

DUCKLING submitted an example to the ASKe manifesto which works to identify current institutional and programme assessment strategies which demonstrate alignment with the ASKe Assessment Manifesto in universities. 

View the Assessment Manifesto in Practice and the DUCKLING example.

May 2010: JISC Curriculum Delivery Meeting, Birmingham.

On 11 May 2010, Gilly, Ale and Ming attended a JISC programme meeting in Birmingham. The meeting was attended by all projects funded by JISC under curriculum delivery strand. The theme of this meeting was Sustaining Transformational Change.

The team took part in three activities at the meeting: Market place, Dragon’s Den and a presentation about low cost/high value innovations, and various other presentation and discussion sessions led by JISC critical friends or other projects.

In the Market place activity, we presented a table generated from the DUCKLING research. It summarises how the three DUCKLING technologies (Podcasting, Second Life and E-book readers) have addressed curriculum design and delivery challenges faced by the Occupational Psychology and Education teams, the two disciplines involved in the project.

In the Dragons’ Den activity, Gilly presented the idea of incorporation of e-book readers into Masters’ distance learning programme. She demonstrated to the dragons about the huge potential of e-book readers in saving costs and resources for both students and institutions and enabling students to conduct their studies more conveniently and effectively. She also pointed out that using OERs for the e-book readers is the way forward.

Ale did a presentation about low cost/high value innovations. Audience were invited to locate their technologies onto a Matrix (see below), using post-its and provide justification about their choices. For a start, Ale put one of the DUCKLING technologies Podcasting to a position of low cost, high value. Ming put the e-book readers in a position of relatively low cost, high value, and Gilly put Second Life in a position of medium cost, relatively high value. Interestingly, almost all other projects think that the technologies they used are low cost, high value.



April 2010: JISC CAMEL (Collaborative Approaches to the Management of e-Learning) Meeting, London.

Gabi Witthaus and Terese Bird attend this meeting and presented:

Terese has written a blog post with further information about the meeting:

April 2010: IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language), Harrogate.

Gabi Witthaus and Ale Armellini presented on the innovative use of technology to enhance the curriculum of an M-level programme in TESOL and Applied Linguistics.

17 March 2010: Learning and Teaching Practice Experts Group, Birmingham

Dr Alejandro Armellini will represent DUCKLING at this forum.

March 2010: PANTHER, University of Leicester

A seminar offered by the Beyond Distance Research Alliance, University of Leicester, and the Higher Education Academy.

Seminar focus: Enhancing feedback and feed forward in the digital age, based on findings from the DUCKLING project in Psychology and Education. 

January 2010: LLAS (Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies), University of Southampton.

Gabi Witthaus and Ming Nie presented on a study into the use of Second Life for language teaching. View the recordings of the presentation :

You can also read about Gabi Witthaus' experience of this presentation at our Beyond Distance Blog:

January 2010: The Division of Occupational Psychology Annual Conference, Brighton.

Using Second Life Simulations to Enhance and Develop the Learning Environment for Occupational Psychology StudentsDr Kelly Barklamb presented 'Using Second Life Simulations to Enhance and Develop the Learning Environment for Occupational Psychology Students'.



January 2010: Learning Futures Festival Online, Beyond Distance Research Alliance

ebook v netbookAlejandro Armellini, Terese Bird, Simon Kear, Gabi Witthaus presented The e-book reader versus netbook debate. 


Download and view the presentation.



December 2009: "A Word in Your Ear" Audio Feedback Conference, Sheffield Hallam University.

 Pam Rogerson-Revell, Diane Davies and Gabi Witthaus presented 'An exploratory study of speech styles in audio feedback to M- level students'  you can download and view the presentation and accompanying audio clips:

December 2009: Online Educa, Berlin.


Terese Bird presented DUCKLING: The Impact of Three Innovations on the Learning of Distance Students:
eBook Readers, Podcasting, Second Life at the Media Café session.

View the presentation (PPT, 975Kb)





Simon Kear presented DUCKLING: The Oil Rig in Second Life at the Media Café session.

View the presentation (PPT, 5942Kb)



November 2009: JISC CAMEL (Collaborative Approaches to the Management of e-Learning) Meeting, Oxford

This meeting was attended by Gabi Witthaus and Terese Bird along with fellow Curriculum Design and Delivery programme researchers. This meeting was a project 'surgery,' during which members from each project site presented challenges encountered during their project development, then discussed suggestions to meet these challenges, work through, and move forward. A major topic of discussion was differing philosophies of distance education, and the delivery and design changes required when a new such philosophy is adopted. Gabi and Terese came away from the meeting with a practical plan for online support to meet the needs of DUCKLING team partners' teaching.

October 2009: JISC Learning and Teaching Practice Experts Group Meeting, Birmingham.

The focus of the meeting was to:

  • Introduce the Design Studio
  • Discuss challenges, and possible solutions, from the Curriculum Design and Delivery programmes
  • Share best practice across the group
  • Be consulted on a rewrite of 'Effective Practice with e-Assessment'

October 2009: JISC Curriculum Delivery Meeting, Manchester.

A poster designed by Emma Davies presenting the impact of DUCKLING at the University of Leicester.  Download an A4 version (PDF, 4863kb).


A video produced by Terese Bird highlighting the different technologies delivered through DUCKLING.


September 2009: ALT-C 2009, Manchester.

Enhancing Curriculum Delivery through New Technologies (PDF, 258Kb).  A short paper abstract submitted by Ming Nie, Alejandro Armellini, Ray Randall, Pamela Rogerson-Revell.

Enhancing Curriculum Delivery for Postgraduate Distance Learning through New Technologies (PPT, 2216Kb) Presented by Ming Nie and Alejandro Armellini.

July 2009: CAMEL Meeting, Leicester

This meeting, on the theme of 'Engaging Stakeholders' was attended by Gabi Witthaus, Ming Nie, and Terese Bird.

May 2009: Camel Meeting, Open University.

The DUCKLING Project (PPT, 2018Kb) A presentation by Ming Nie, Alejandro Armellini and Gabi Witthaus to introduce DUCKLING and the three technologies it delivers.

April 2009: Genie Centre, University of Leicester

The DUCKLING Project (PPTX, 519Kb) A presentation by Alejandro Armellini and Ming Nie on DUCKLING, focussing on podcasting.

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