1. A transferable model for work-distance-based curriculum delivery within a dual-mode university.
    DUCKLING's curriculum lifecycle model for effective, scalable and sustainable work-based distance curriculum delivery within a dual-mode university. View the discussion behind the construction of the model.
  2. Exemplar curricula:Two diagrams and two exemplars, each describing and illustrating technology-supported curriculum delivery before and after DUCKLING in Psychology or Education. 
  3. Case studies: each illustrating the integration of a particular DUCKLING technology to Psychology or Education.
  4. Guidelines: Guidelines (PDF, 363KB) for integrating Podcasting, voice boards, e-book readers and Second Life into distance work-based curriculum delivery.
  5. Publications: A journal article based on Psychology Podcasting, published in ALT-J.
  6. Dissemination: a summary of key dissemination activities.
  7. Reports:
  8. Podcasts were produced by the Psychology and Education teams.The Psychology team produced more than 100 podcasts in six categories, five of which are available as open educational resources (OERs) download an example of a Psychology podcast OER. The Education team produced a series of podcasts to supplement content of three modules an example of which is available to download as an OERDownload and view a table summary of the podcasts (PDF, 169KB)
  9. Virtual World outputs:
  10. E-book reader outputs:
  11. Voice Board outputs:
  12. A strong and successful web presence.  DUCKLING has a well developed website ( and a blog featuring posts from all the members of DUCKLING.  DUCKLING is also featured heavily within the Beyond Distance blog.
  13. Examples of research instruments and outputs:
  14. Other deliverables include:

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