Research Events

FORTHCOMING: 13 March 2010 CALF Learning Futures event with MA students in 20th Century Art and Design, University College Falmouth


CALF is organising a one-day event where students will learn to use cognitive mapping techiques adapted by the CALF project for generating actionable ideas for the future of learning in their course.



CALF Learning Futures Research week for MA students in Choreography, New Media and Performance, University College Falmouth, 8-13 February 2010


Eight students in Performing Arts, Choreography and New Media created new ways of learning and interacting with technology for art and expressed their visions for the future of learning through cognitive mapping.


CALF Learning Futures Events with BA students in English with Creative Writing and Media, University College Falmouth, November 2009 - February 2010


Seventy-five first year students took part in two weeks of one-day CALF Learning Futures events, where they created scenarios for the future of learning in their course, using wikis and Google maps.

CALF Learning Futures Event with MA students in Design, University College Falmouth, 7-8 December 2010


Twelve students on the MA Design course at UCF took part two half-day workshops for designing learning futures using the CALF research model. The students expressed interest in attending CALF cognitive mapping workshops which will be organised in 2010.


Looking Back for Seeing Forward: CALF event with New History Lab, University of Leicester, 24 October 2009


A one-day event took place in collaboration with the post-graduate research New History Lab at the University of Leicester. The event was based on the Hindsight, Insight and Foresight research model of the CALF project and six students from the Lab examined ways in which historical analogy can inspire ideas for the future.


CALF Special Study Component in collaboration with Leicester Medical School, 24 August - 11 September 2009


Five medical students in their penultimate year chose CALF's three-week teaching module in Learning Futures for their Special Summer Rotatation component. They learnt to use a range of web-based technologies for learning and collaboration and prepared scenarios for the future of the University of Leicester Medical School.



Poster for Shock of the Old 2009 Conference Oxford.pdf


Visioning learning To Inform New Build:Creating Learning Futures


Creative Session - Asking People to Build a Better Tomorrow


Wiki Future Gazing Paper presented at EDEN 2009 Conference, Gdansk


The Learning Technologies of the Future - Technologies That Learn? Abstract for the 2009 ALT-C conference


Creating Academic Learning Futures in the UK - Abstract for World Futures Society Conference Education Summit 2009



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