The Team

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

Dr. Sue Carr
Project Director

Dr. Jon Barratt
Project advisor and case editor

Dr. Rachel Westacott
Project advisor and case editor

Dr. Rakesh Patel
Principal investigator and case editor

Dr. Jonny Acheson
Acute Care Block Lead and case editor

Dr. Jon Greiff
Case editor

Dr. Linda Barton
Case editor

Mr. Bhaskar Bhowal
Case editor

Dr. Adrian Hastings
Clinical Methods Lead and case editor

Dr. Adrian Stanley
Cardiorespiratory Care Block Lead and case editor

Miss Jennifer Nichols
Case writer

Dr. Matt Charlton
FY2 Academic Demonstrator Case writer

Dr. Steve Corry
Personal tutor and case writer

Dr. Fred Wilson
Case writer

Mr. Krishan Patel
Case writer


East Midlands Healthcare Workforce Deanery

Dr. Gordon French
Deputy Postgraduate Dean and Director of Postgraduate Secondary Care Training

College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology

Professor Stewart Petersen
Project advisor

Dr. Laura Mongan
Phase One Lead

Mr. Simon Kear
Learning Technologist

Mrs. Terese Bird
Learning Technologist


OCB Media

Dr. Nic Blackwell
CEO, OCB Media Ltd

Mr. Paul Stanton
Operations Director, OCB Media Ltd

Mr. Josh Setchfield
Web Development Manager, OCB Media Ltd

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Principal Investigator: Dr. Rakesh Patel  

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