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BADGER uses a software called Virtual Ward that was designed by Dr. Rakesh Patel and developed by OCB Media for creating virtual patients.

Virtual Ward is web-based and may be accessed by anyone through the Internet. Accounts are created by an administrator, who will grant access to the site.

Virtual Ward has a content management system for case experts to author cases independently or in collaboration with other authors. It has a database of multimedia, and interactions - reusable activities for learners from within cases.

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Following a brief overview of the case, the student takes a history by directly interviewing the patient.   

software screenshot

The student carries out an examination of the patient, and in this instance listens to his breathing.

software screenshot

 An initial diagnosis is entered.

software screenshot

The student 'orders' a series of tests as part of the investigation. Virtual Ward uses precises fascimiles of the forms likely to be encountered in a hospital.   software screenshot
X-rays and electrocardiography read-outs are returned as the results of this investigation.  software screenshot software screenshot
A management plan is drawn up based on the preceding actions by the student. software screenshot
"Your consultant is happy with your management, please continue on your ward round." software screenshot

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Principal Investigator: Dr. Rakesh Patel  

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