22 June 2012. Congratulations to Dr. Rakesh Patel and BADGER for winning the Educator Development Group (EDG) Education Innovation Award 2012! Rakesh has been invited to present his paper at this year's Annual Scientific Meeting during the session 'What's hot in learning and teaching innovations in medical education' 18th July 2012.

badger lookingBADGER addresses a strong need for providing high quality authentic educational resources for health professionals to learn about problem-solving and decision-making in the workplace. 

BADGER aims to explore the individual experience from using virtual patients for learning clinical medicine and characterise the influence of virtual patients on the development of reasoning by:

• Designing and developing 15 virtual patient cases for use as educational resources or formative assessment.

•Usability test virtual patient cases in direct use with learners and professional to provide empirical data for validating published guidelines and commentary from wider medical education community

• Introduce and investigate how learners use virtual patients, when they use them, and in what circumstances.

• Evaluate the utility for virtual patients to be used in formative or summative assessment


Badger image courtesy of keppet on Flickr


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Principal Investigator: Dr. Rakesh Patel  

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