My mind’s exploding with opportunities, need permission and time to think about how this will work

I knew a lot of the resources, but [value] hearing how to use them in new ways in teaching.

Two participants from East Midlands Deanery at conclusion of 7Cs Learning Design workshop


Akbar Saeed, Assistant Professor at Bahria University, Pakistan
Thank you for the session yesterday - it was extremely useful and productive. And for the successful application of a tried and tested psychological strategy - I shall never be frightened of podcasting again.
Dr Hilary Jones, Department of Criminology
I wanted to say thank you again for your time and the very useful conversations we had yesterday afternoon at the Media Zoo tour. I came away thoroughly inspired and with plenty of plans to come back and develop a number of initiatives!
Dr Ruth Page, Department of English
Thanks for your help- now I am going to try and put my lecture voice onto the handouts in Adobe Presenter
Dr Nina Storey, Department of Cell Physiology & Pharmacology
My Colleagues and I attended 2 excellent days at the Media Zoo back in May 2010. I'm happy to say that we've been able to take forward a lot of what we have learned and are encouraging the use of E-tivities when designing in-house e-Learning material.
Crown Prosecution Service
Not only has the Media Zoo given the Mathematics Department access to all the latest technological animals, the Zoo Keeper has been also very helpful in taming the beasts for us
Dr Stephen Garrett, Lecturer in Applied Mathematics
The Media Zoo is a bright idea. It is an area where even the most timid of emerging technologies can observe and experiment in an environment that is non-threatening
Prof John Fothergill, Head of Department of Engineering
The visit to the Media Zoo provided the grounding we needed to progress our own development with learning technologies, we left feeling enthused.
Serious Organised Crime Squad

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