Learning Innovation Studio

Situated at 105 Princess Road East, the Learning Innovation Studio provides a safe space to experiment with learning technologies and understand their place within learning design.

PhD students learning in the Studio with technology 

It consists of several learning spaces that can be utilised individually or together, depending on the nature of the one-to-one session, group workshop or full intervention (e.g. 7Cs of Learning Design Workshop).

The Learning Innovation Studio (sometimes referred to as the LearningInn!)  - with full disabled facilities - gives users access to a number of wireless-enabled Toshiba laptops, two tethered desktop PCs that have access to the University's network, and a fully realised podcasting studio, where a user can produce, refine and upload podcasts in quiet seclusion.  

Professor Conole and a medical doctor using iPads
Professor Conole and a medical doctor in a learning design workshop

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