Unisa T&L Festival, 1-9 September 2011

Workshop Resources

(M1, Th2) A case study of innovative online technologies: the Online MA TESOL (DUCKLING project) at Leicester

Resource Format File size
 Slides  PDF 1.6MB

(M2, Th1) Pedagogical models and approaches for developing and using podcasts for your own modules and courses

Resource Format File size
Slides  PDF  2.5MB
Audacity guide  PDF  331K
Podcast planning tool  Word  86K
Podcasting in Higher Education: 12 approaches  PDF  296K
10 Factor model  PDF  85K

(M9) Learning and assessment in distance education

Resource Format File size
 Slides  PDF  600K

(Tu1, W2) Introduction to teaching online (E-moderating)

Resource Format File size
 Slides  PDF  1.4MB
 E-tivity template  Word  16K
 E-tivity course design slide  PowerPoint  262K
 Carpe Diem guide  Word  661K

(Tu11) Carrying out institutional research (to support continuous improvement in teaching and learning)

Resource Format File size
 Slides  PDF  1.2MB
 Podcast Survey  Word  105K
 Pelicans questionnaire  Word  172K
 eReader Survey  Word  50K
 OER Survey  Word  75K
 VLE and approaches to learning questionnaire  Word  160K
 VLE and learning questionnaire  Word  80K

(W3) Research design and methodology at post-graduate level

Resource Format File size
 Slides  PDF  302K
 The grand design  PDF  117K
 BDRA PhD research day 1  Word  45K
 BDRA PhD research day 2  Word  68K
 Dissertation proposal form  Word  57K
 Dissertation planning tool  Word  54K
 Thesis outline tool  Word  51K
 Thesis writing plan tool  Word  91K
 Dissertation writing plan: case study  Excel  27K

(W9) A Researcher's Guide to the Social Web

Resource Format File size
Slides  PDF 744K 
Research Information Network: Social Media: A guide for researchers  PDF  940K

Research Information Network: If you build it, will they come? How researchers perceive and use web 2.0

 PDF  2.4K

(F2) A Model for Supporting Teaching, Learning and Institutional Change: The Experience of BDRA

Resource Format File size
 Slides  PDF  1.6MB

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