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These projects demonstrate the use of expertise and technologies that we have already developed, but applying them to new markets and missions.

They can be used to address new markets, new missions, and new levels and disciplines of learning and teaching.

There is the opportunity here to introduce or extend collaboration to further enhance our part-time and distance learning courses. This means we can move towards a greater equality of experience for every student, whether on- or off-campus and wherever they are located in the world.


Learning gains can be achieved using learning technologies to address different and new markets, missions, levels and disciplines of learning and teaching, but using the core expertise and technologies already developed.

Realistic approaches must be taken to the market to reduce risks as far as possible. As e-learning depends on volume, there should be a minimum contracted commitment before new e-learning processes are developed.

For example, the use of personal repositories, wikis and blogs can be a system for managing and sharing both pedagogical and content knowledge across a wide range of new missions.

There is an opportunity in this quadrant to use web-based technologies such as VLEs to enable joining up of e-resources across the university community to enable students to make stronger and easier connections between the subject areas they study and the services they have access to.

One aspiration for these kinds of projects could be to ensure that every student of the university, regardless of location or mode of learning, receives equivalent services and learning experiences.

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