E-Books and E-Readers

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Course description

Course Overview

This course examines downloadable e-books, the devices on which they can be read, the various sources from which educational e-books can be obtained, and simple methods by which one can make an e-book.

It also covers some of the findings from the DUCKLING project, in which Masters distance students were sent Sony e-readers pre-loaded with course material.

What can I expect to cover?

  1. What is an e-book in 2012? Attributes and formats of ‘new’ e-books
  2. How does one read an e-book in 2012? Software for reading e-books on computers. Comparison and demonstration of various devices for reading e-books.
  3. DUCKLING Project - Distance students and e-book readers
  4. Libraries and e-books. Issues and constraints, which libraries are lending e-books and how.
  5. Publishers and e-books
  6. Let’s make an e-book  – hands-on

What will I get out of this course?

Through this course, you will gain an understanding of the different kinds and formats of e-books that are available widely as well as reasons for non-availability, and where to buy e-books or get them free. You will consider and have a chance to try out different devices for reading e-books and discuss with other educators questions of usability and affordability, especially in the light of evidence from the DUCKLING project.

You will have opportunity to make an ebook and load it onto a device. You will be better equipped to make decisions about e-book use personally and institutionally.

Who is it for?

All University staff and associates

Participant preparation needed?

None, although you are encouraged to bring along your smart phone, e-reader, tablet computer, or laptop


2 hours


Terese Bird (tmb10@le.ac.uk)

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