Learning Interventions

logo_carpediem.jpgThe Learning Innovation Studio hosts a number of learning interventions for internal and external visitors.

Learning Design Workshop: The 7Cs of Learning Design

  • The 7Cs of Learning Design brings together course teams, subject librarians, the learning designer and a learning technologist.
  • This Learning Design Workshop has been successfully deployed and embedded both nationally and internationally.
  • For further details, please contact Terese Bird.

Moderating Online Groups

  • This is a new, highly interactive, face-to-face one-day seminar that enables academics, teaching assistants and associate tutors to develop practical skills to manage asynchronous online learner groups efficiently.
  • The seminar is based on a set of Blackboard-based online learning activities (e-tivities) that participants tackle individually and in groups throughout the day. As part of these activities, participants are invited to use a variety of learning technologies and consider their potential across diverse pedagogical contexts.
  • By the end of the seminar, participants will have:

    1. Experienced, as students, a task-based online course.
    2. Identified key features of low-cost, high-value learner-centred design.
    3. Selected practical, innovative, time-saving design and delivery ideas for implementation in their own courses.
    4. Experimented with a number of learning technologies, both within Blackboard and externally, in order to meet concrete pedagogical needs.
    5. Become aware, through practical experience, of specific strategies to maximise learner motivation to use discussion forums and increase their impact on the course.
    6. Identified clear links between those ideas and current literature.

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