Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Ready

How can I get prepared to participate in Follow the Sun?

The main platform we are using is Adobe Connect 8, kindly provided by conference sponsors CollaborATE.

You can test your PC and software at http://connectpro52594655.adobeconnect.com/atest/. Enter as a Guest. Use headphones with an integrated microphone and have this plugged into your computer before clicking on the above link. Once in the room, configure the audio using the Audio Setup Wizard under the Meeting menu.

Do I need access to Second Life to take part in the festival?

Definitely not. While delegates will need a Flash-enabled browser such as Internet Explorer to use the main conference platform, the Second Life environment is complementary, and delegates who choose not to enter will not lose out at all.

How can I participate in Second Life sessions?

Install the most current version of Second Life on your computer and create a Second Life account for yourself, including creating your own avatar. You can do this by going to http://secondlife.com  and clicking Join Now. Please feel free to visit the Media Zoo Island at anytime. You can do this by clicking on Search, then select Places and type Media Zoo Island.


How can I join a session?

Details for the conference Moodle site will be soon sent to registered participants. Once you receive these, you will be able to log in, join sessions, use the discussion boards and access the poster gallery. 

Why can’t the presenter listen to me?

Participants microphones will be muted during the Connect presentations, although the moderator may activate them for the questions and answers. 

How can I ask the presenter a question?

At the end of each session, there will be time for questions and answers. If you would like to ask something before that, post it in the chat box. The moderator will take a note of it.

Is there someone to talk to if I have technical issues during a session?

Yes. Every session has a tech moderator who will gladly help you. Post your problem in the chat box in the lower, right corner. Advice will be provided. You can also check the solutions to common problems.

How can I know which session is next?

Please check the session programme in the Moodle site. Local times for Australia, USA and UK are provided.

Where can I find more info about the sessions?

In the session programme in the Moodle site, you will find links to the speakers’ biography and to the abstract of each session.

Where can I continue discussing the sessions?

Please feel free to post your comments and questions on the discussion forums assigned to each session in Moodle.

Common Problems

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect doesn’t load correctly. I get a white screen!

Try using another browser, or install the newest version of Flash (http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/).

Adobe Connect freezes.

Quit Adobe Connect and log back in.

The sound cuts on and off.

This might be a connection speed issue. Try using a wired Internet connection, or getting closer to the wireless router.

Sound cuts out entirely.

Close the Adobe Connect session and your browser. Reopen both to join the session. You may need to run the Audio Setup Wizard again under the Meeting menu.

Need more help?

If you have any technical queries about access, please email the UK Media Zookeeper Simon Kear on spk7@le.ac.uk .

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