UK Day 2

1. Brenda Padilla, Alison Ewing, Tony Ratcliffe and Natalie Auer, 'PhD Students Following The Sun: How Phd Students Use and Perceive Technologies'


2. Teams from Unisa, South Africa, and Bahria University, Pakistan, 'There Be Dragons Here: Embracing Technology-enhanced Learning in a Developing World Higher Education Context' (Unisa),'Identity, Diversity and Learning: The Specific Challenges Faced by Learners in Pakistan' (Bahria)


3. Project Teams from Beyond Distance Research Alliance, 'Challenging Open Educational Resources'


4. Simon Kear, 'No Smoking Please! Assessing Safety Protocols on a Virtual Oil Rig' 


5. Professor Sue Thomas, 'Transliteracy and the Amplified Individual'

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