Session recordings FTS11


  1. (Professor Gráinne Conole) Digital literacy Skills for Today’s Participatory Culture
  2. (Professor Jim Taylor and Wayne Mackintosh) An Open University for the 21st Century 
  3. (Professor Craig Mahoney) Worldly Wise: Professionalising HE Teaching in an International Context
  4. (Dr Paul Rudman) SWIFT Virtual Genetics Lab Tour
  5. (Dr Kyriaki Anagnostopoulou) Evaluating the Role of Technology in Supporting Students


  1. (Professor Terry Anderson) Following the Sun to Open Scholarship 
  2. (Dr Rakesh Patel) 'Back to the Future' with BADGER 
  3. (Lindy McKeown) Beyond Replication of the University Campus: Using 3D Virtual Worlds to Transform Distance Learning and Teaching 
  4. (Jason Zagami) Augmented Reality 
  5. (Allan Ellis) Forensic Accounting 
  6. (Professor Gilly Salmon) The Renaissance of the Voice


  1. (Professor Gilly Salmon) Exploring the Future for Learning 
  2. (Professor Phil Candy) Boyer and the 5th Element 
  3. (Dr Helen Farley, Sue Gregory, Dr Allan Ellis and Danny Stefanic) Virtual Worlds: MUVEing Forward 
  4. (Dr Shirley Reushle) Collaborative Mentoring in Digital Environments 
  5. (Dr Helen Farley and Dr Scott Grant) The Chinese Island 
  6. (Dr Scott Diener) Virtual Worlds Will Change Everything


  1. (Brenda Padilla, Alison Ewing, Tony Ratcliffe and Natalie Auer) PhD Students Following The Sun: How Phd Students Use and Perceive Technologies
  2. (Teams from Unisa, South Africa, and Bahria University, Pakistan) There Be Dragons Here: Embracing Technology-enhanced Learning in a Developing World Higher Education Context (Unisa),Identity, Diversity and Learning: The Specific Challenges Faced by Learners in Pakistan (Bahria) 
  3. (Project Teams from Beyond Distance Research Alliance) Challenging Open Educational Resources 
  4. (Simon Kear) No Smoking Please! Assessing Safety Protocols on a Virtual Oil Rig 
  5. (Professor Sue Thomas) Transliteracy and the Amplified Individual

  1. (Dr Gardner Campbell) Beyond Behaviorism: Visible Interest As A Platform For Learning 
  2. (Donald Clark - with further thoughts from James Morrison) Don't Lecture Me! 
  3. (Stephen Downes - with responses from Donald Clark and James Morrison) Long Live the Lecture! 
  4. (Terese Bird) The Impact of iTunes U Open Educational Resources 
  5. (Anne Ogborn and James T. Abraham) Virtual Archaeology and Spanish Language Town (Mi casa es su casa) 
  6. (Randy Orwin) Mythbusters: Free To Use and Open Source Software

  1. (Professor Ron Oliver) Learning and Teaching in the Digital World of the Future 
  2. (Dr Luke Van Der Laan) Transcending the Learning Futures Flatland: A Futures Research Paradigm Guiding the Forward View 
  3. (Professor Gilly Salmon) Hindsight, Insight, Foresight 
  4. (Dr Michelle Honey) Nursing Simluation 
  5. (Team of USQ Associate Deans) Anticipating the Future for Learning and Teaching

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