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Learning Futures Festival Online 2011

13–15 April 2011

Three countries, three time zones, a non-stop global e-learning conference


Many thanks to the nearly 300 speakers and delegates who made our global e-learning festival such a success! Here's what some of our delegates thought:
I found the conference an eye opener and I want to be in the frontline in being a practitioner and champion of the power of e-learning in my career as a teacher and have decided to proceed to study for Masters degree in e-learning. I hope to integrate these trends in e-learning in creating powerful and rich environment to learn almost anything that is simple or complex.
I heard about these conferences last year when visiting the BDRA. Despite the obvious excitement people felt I had no idea just how fantastic it could be. This has been extraordinary and probably the best single experience in my 10 years in HE. So much breadth and depth and such a sense of connectedness. Congrat's to all for conceiving and delivering this event. I'll spend the next 6 months processing it and pointing our people to the content.
@lff11 The technical aspects were handled expertly and the level of engagement impressive. Well done one and all you rock! Bring on lff12
I was particularly impressed by the programme and how you and the moderators succeeded in drawing in farflung contributors. All in all, LFF was a credit to all involved.
The conference was fantastic! 

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