Keynotes for Australian programme

Aaron Corn
Aaron Corn
Professor of Ethnomusicology, Australian National University, Australia

Title: The Indigital Revolution: The Indigenous mobilisation of information technologies in twenty-first century Australia [abstract]


Susan A. Kelly
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Learning, Teaching and Student Services, University of the South Pacific, Fiji

Title: Anglophones and holograms at USP: The 2020 English lesson at the University of the South Pacific [abstract]


Cath Rogers-Clark
Cath Rogers-Clark
Professor of Nursing and Midwifery and Sister Elizabeth Kenny Chair in Nursing, University of Southern Queensland, Australia

Title: Nursing and Midwifery Education for a Healthier World [abstract]


Peter Terry
Peter Terry
Professor of Sports Psychology, University of Southern Queensland, Australia

Title: Chasing Olympic Dreams and Promoting Healthy Living in a Digital World [abstract]

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