What technology will be used for the Follow the Sun conference?

Our main platform will be Blackboard Collaborate™. We will also be using an (active!) Twitter channel. 

Where can I check my general settings for Collaborate?

Go to tinyurl.com/3gotox5 . You will be able to check whether you have a supported operating system and Java version.

It there more information on using Collaborate?

Yes. Watch this short video, which will take you through the basics of being a Collaborate participant.

What are the accessibility features for people who have disabilities?

Blackboard Collaborate™ offers a range of options to remove access barriers, including full screen reader support throughout the main interface of the platform, a text messaging area and full keyboard navigation. For more info, please check the assistive technology section of the Blackboard Collaborate™ website.

Will my details be shared?

We would like to share some of your information – full name, institution and email address – with everyone within the conference environment as we feel this increases the networking opportunities for everyone.   

If you would rather your details were not added to the list of participants, please contact Brenda Padilla, who will ensure your name is not included.

Will the conference sessions be recorded and made publicly available?


Need more help?

If you have any technical queries about accessing the conference, please email Simon Kear on spk7@le.ac.uk .

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