This page aggregates the videos contained on our project sites and elsewhere.

Relating Research to Practice (6:16)

A video highlighting examples of how the University of Leicester is adopting new technology as a result of the research undertaken the Beyond Distance Research Alliance.


The rationale behind the Media Zoo (3:34)

A short video of Professor Gilly Salmon outlining the rationale behind the Media Zoo at the University of Leicester's Beyond Distance Research Alliance.



Carpe Diem (1:47)

A short promotional video outlining the benefits of the Carpe Diem learning design workshop.

FAQs about Open Educational Resources (OERs) (13:08)

This presentation by Dr Sahm Nikoi was part of the Open Educational Resources event which took place at University of Leicester on 23 September, 2009, and is relevant for anyone or any institution considering the issues of OERs.



Is Copyright the Problem? I (10:46)

Relevant to OERs, Samuel Nikoi introduces and discusses Copyright: All rights reserved or reversed?

Is Copyright the Problem? II (9:57)

Relevant to OERs, Tania Rowlett, Copyright Administrator at the University of Leicester, introduces and discusses Copyright including its advantages and drawbacks.


Could and should OERs replace educators? (8:22)

As part of the online open space OTTER Symposium, Chris Coetzee introduces 'Could and should OERs replace educators?'


SWIFT: Completed virtual genetics lab (2:49)

The SWIFT project (Second World Immersive Future Teaching) has created a virtual genetics lab within the three-dimensional, virtual world of Second Life, to help students studying genetics and biological science.

Voted Best Educational Machinima and People's Choice at VWBPE 2011.

Oil Rig Evacuation in Second Life (2:57)

Delegates of the Learning Futures Festival Online 2010 experienced an oil rig emergency evacuation simulation in Second Life.



Oil Rig Walk Through (Media Zoo Island) (5:37)

This walk through shows the Second Life oil rig used as part of the DUCKLING project

Sports Day in Second Life (3:47)

The Learning Futures Festival Online 2010 featured a Sports Day in Second Life. Participants from all over the world enjoyed ice-skating, motorboat-racing, and skydiving.


End of Festival Party in Second Life (3:25)

The conclusion Learning Futures Festival Online 2010 was a party in Second Life,  when delegates from all over the world virtually met together for a memorable evening of music and dancing.


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