The 7Cs of Learning Design Workshop:

  • achieves successful, productive, collaborative working between academics, tutors, learning designers, librarians and technologists;
  • exploits low-cost, high-impact technologies;
  • focuses e-learning on learner activity and group work;
  • is practical, outcomes-based;
  • is based on 20 years of research into low-cost networked learning and five years of researching, developing and testing;
  • offers a high return on investment of a small amount of time;
  • reinforces the concept of design once, deliver many times.

This workshop is suitable for:

  • the design of new courses and re-design of existing ones;
  • campus, blended and distance modes;
  • any level (e.g. HE, FE, lifelong learning, work-based learning, etc.);
  • any short course, unit, module or programme;
  • any discipline;
  • any VLE.

You will need:

  • a course team willing to commit to two full days of their time;
  • a module or programme the team needs to design, or an existing one that needs re-vamping;
  • access to the electronic resources that the team will use in their course, as well as the ‘module specification’, which should include details such as learning outcomes and assessment procedures;
  • a ‘reality checker’, who will join in for an hour at about 1pm on Day 2 of the workshop. Their role is to review and offer feedback on the work done by the course team.


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Further information

If you are interested in applying the 7Cs of Learning Design to your course, please contact in the first instance:

Terese Bird