Learning Design Workshop: The 7 Cs of Learning Design

Invest two days of your time and get your course refreshed, revised, or online for the first time.

The 7Cs of Learning Design workshop is a highly interactive, face-to-face two-day workshop that enables academics and course teams to design effectively for learning. This hands-on workshop is based on a well rehearsed, well researched team approach to learning design using learning technologies.


Who is it for?

  • Lecturers and tutors who want guidance and inspiration for more effective, imaginative and creative uses of a virtual learning environment such as Moodle or Blackboard, and the Web, to enhance the learning process for learners
  • Academics or course teams wanting to make the learning experience more interactive and engaging for learners – whether at the level of a whole course or at the level of elements within a course
  • Anyone with responsibility for designing new courses or redesigning existing courses
  • Support staff such as learning technologists, librarians or staff developers who are actively involved in conversations with academic staff about learning design

What will I get out of the session?

By the end of the workshop, participants will have:

  • Gained awareness and application of the range of resources, tools and methods which are available to support learning design, including learning design tools/methods and open educational resource repositories
  • Considered a range of pedagogical approaches and the role played by different technologies in supporting these approaches
  • Conceptualised the design process from different perspectives
  • Developed an innovative storyboard to share with colleagues back in the office, to spark discussion around livening up a dry course
  • Drafted an action plan for next steps in the design/ redesign process

7Cs of Learning Design Toolkit -- all of the learning materials released as free and open educational resources

Example timetable for Learning Design Workshop for Emergency Medicine, East Midlands Deanery

Leverage the expertise of University of Leicester's Institute of Learning Innovation for your course.

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Further information

If you are interested in applying the 7Cs of Learning Design to your course, please contact in the first instance:

Terese Bird