Good practice in PhD writing

By Gráinne from e4innovation.com. Published on Nov 13, 2018.

Image source I have been reading and examining a lot of PhDs recently (4 in as many weeks!) and this has got me to reflect on some principles of good practice. Doing a PhD is a significant undertaking and dominates the person’s life for a number of years, so it is important that this adventure isn’t [...]

The ABC Learning Design Workshop

By Gráinne from e4innovation.com. Published on Nov 13, 2018.

Mark Glynn (who heads up our Teaching Enhancement Unit) and colleagues are involved in an Eramis+ project, ABC Learning Design. Last Thursday I attended one of the project’s workshops. I was aware of the ABC work and have recently written something about it for a chapter in Helen Beetham and Rhona Sharpes 3rd Edition of [...]

The future of education: design, literacies and digital technologies

By Gráinne from e4innovation.com. Published on Oct 26, 2018.

Today I am doing a keynote at University College North, Aalborg, Denmark. This is timely as along with Mark Brown and Miroslav Beblavy (from CEPS) I am involved in an EU-commissioned report on best practices in the use of digital technologies and the future of education in Europe. It’s been a long time in the [...]

A new start

By Gráinne from e4innovation.com. Published on Sep 04, 2018.

So as of yesterday I am officially Professor/Head of Open Education inthe National Institute for Digital Learning at Dublin City University.There has been a lot to organise in advance. Getting my PPS number(which was very stressful), securing a flat (perfect location, tinybut nice) and of course bringing all the stuff I will need over fromthe UK. My [...]

Farewell to a lovely person…

By Gráinne from e4innovation.com. Published on Aug 08, 2018.

  I was very sorry to hear today of the death of Ingeborg Boe. She was a leading light in the field of e-learning and a lovely woman and she will be sorely missed by our community. I have many fond memories of her, she was always cheerful and smilie. Her son wrote a [...]

All change…

By Gráinne from e4innovation.com. Published on Jul 17, 2018.

Image source I have really enjoyed doing consultancy over the past couple of years, lots of interesting and varied work with clients from Ireland to Australia! I have also been lucky enough to be involved in a range of fascinating e-learning projects over the years, but I am keen now to take up a position where [...]

Pros and cons of EdTech

By Gráinne from e4innovation.com. Published on Jun 26, 2018.

Image source Got an interesting email about a guide to the pros and cons of educational technology, which apparently builds on my blog post on this topic from sometime back. Some of the benefits of using technology in the classroom include: Making learning more fun Personalising the education experience Instant access to knowledge Facilitates collaboration amongst peers Reflects the real world of work Can make things easier [...]

Mapping tools to types of activity

By Gráinne from e4innovation.com. Published on May 15, 2018.

Image source    As part of a three-day CLICKS workshop on Learning Design I created a new section on tools to support diferent types of activities. I classified them as tools to support the following types of activities: Presentation Communication Collaboration Brainstorming and concept mapping Reflection Feedback Assessment Recording Voting Annotation Curation File sharing Table 1 lists examples of tools under each category. I also provided tips and [...]

Tools for different types of activities

By Gráinne from e4innovation.com. Published on May 09, 2018.

Mapping 7 cs_to activities_and_tools from Grainne Conole As part of my workshop I developed a hand out on tools for different types of activities.

The future of education

By Gráinne from e4innovation.com. Published on Mar 13, 2018.

  I recently did a really interesting piece of work for the Open Universities Australia looking at key future trends in education. The piece was part of a larger report, which has just been released. Donna Gallagher was the lead on the project. My section focused on four key topics that are likely to [...]

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