ITU Academic Partnership Meeting

By Gráinne from e4innovation. Published on Dec 03, 2019.

This week I was supposed to be talking at a conference in Atlanta, unfortunately I filled out my visa application wrong so wasn’t able to get my flight. However I was able to participate last night, online.  The progamme is available here.    I was on a panel with three others; the [...]

Offline networked learning

By Gráinne from e4innovation. Published on Oct 02, 2019.

      Each year the Open University UK produces the Innovating Pedagogy report, which highlights the ten things that are most likely to have an impact in the near future. I always look forward to reading the report. This year I am delighted to be involved as an author. I am working with Mark Gaved on the concept of [...]

The OER debate

By Gráinne from e4innovation. Published on Sep 17, 2019.

Image source I am involved in a panel tomorrow on OER and have been asked to address the following question. Open Educational Resources have sparked a wide range of collaborative projects in the education sector. What are major lessons that archives can learn from the long established success of OERs? What kind of impact could open access [...]

Classifying different approaches to learning

By Gráinne from e4innovation. Published on Mar 12, 2019.

I can across an interesting article via fb (via Ebba Ossiannilsson) on ‘Modern trends in education: 50 different approaches to learning‘. Deborah Arnold wrote:   Interesting! Though they would probably benefit from some kind of classification as they’re not all at the same level. Looking forward to seeing [...]

Documenting Erasmus Student Experiences Through e-Portfolios

By Gráinne from e4innovation. Published on Mar 12, 2019.

  Today I attended an e-portfolio event funded by the National Forum which was organized by Orna Farrell. Orna shared her slides and encouraged us to be interactive during the session. The session had four main parts: an overview by Orna, two case studies of using e-portfolios to support Erasmus [...]

UCD EdTECx conference

By Gráinne from e4innovation. Published on Mar 12, 2019.

Yesterday I attended the UCD EdTECx conference at University College Dublin. UCD has recently moved to the BrightSpace Virtual Learning Environment and the day provided the opportunity for people to share their experience of using it so far. There were a range of interesting talks and discussions, and good attendance with [...]

Open Education Week Webinar

By Gráinne from e4innovation. Published on Mar 06, 2019.

Today I participated in a Webinar for the EDEN Open Education Week. The session was chaired by Lisa Marie Blaschke, EDEN Senior Fellow, Chair of EDEN Council of Fellows, Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Germany. The focus of the session was on the following: A number of innovative and unique initiatives around the topic of open [...]

The story of the Open University

By Gráinne from e4innovation. Published on Mar 05, 2019.

Webinar: Creating engaging conference abstracts

By Gráinne from e4innovation. Published on Feb 14, 2019.

Image source    Yesterday I ran a workshop on ‘Creating engaging conference abstracts’. There was good participation (about 15 people) and lots of interaction. Here is a summary of some of the key discussion points. I asked participants what their experience was of attending conferences, what was good [...]

The online educator: people and pedagogy

By Gráinne from e4innovation. Published on Feb 13, 2019.

Image source    I am currently participating in the FutureLearn MOOC ‘The online educator: people and pedagogy’. The MOOC is spread over 4 weeks, with 4 hours of learning per week. It explores four myths associated with e-learnings: that learning design is about technology and content; that innovation and accessibility are incompatible; that researching online learning is [...]

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