Transforming education

By Gráinne from e4innovation.com. Published on Feb 09, 2018.

Image source This week one of the things I have been doing is preparing for a CLICKS webinar I am doing on Sunday. The outline of the talk is: The impact of digital technologies and wicked problems in education 21 Century competencies and digital literacies Key issues in learning and teaching Future trends The changing roles of teachers and [...]

Is the concept of lifelong learning a reality?

By Gráinne from e4innovation.com. Published on Feb 08, 2018.

Conole clicks webinar 11 February 2018 from Grainne Conole   I am giving an online webinar on Sunday for clicks entitled ‘Traversing the digital landscape: reflecting on the implications for learning and teaching’. I shared a couple of the slides on fb on the changing role of teachers and learners, which provoked a [...]

The changing role of teachers and learners

By Gráinne from e4innovation.com. Published on Feb 07, 2018.

As part of the preparation for a talk I am doing at Limerick Institute of Technology next week I had a discussion with the person who invited me Brendan Murphy. One of the things he wanted me to focus on was the changing role of teachers. So in this post I am going to summarise [...]

Reflecting on the concept of digital literacies

By Gráinne from e4innovation.com. Published on Feb 01, 2018.

Image source   I was recently asked to participate in a Delphi study exploring Technology Enhanced Learning and digital literacies, which prompted me to dig out some work I did in the past. I summarise some of the readings around digital literacies below.   Goodfellow and Lea (2014) suggest that by digital literacies we mean activities around [...]

In conversation…

By Gráinne from e4innovation.com. Published on Jan 05, 2018.

  I really enjoyed the ‘in conversation’ session with Gregor Kennedy and Matt Riddle in December at Melbourne University. This post summarises the structure of our conversation and some of the key themes. Gregor was chairing the session and focused the conversation around three themes: Disruption rhetoric Automation rhetoric And digital being both the disruptor and the solution to the [...]

The ICAP framework

By Gráinne from e4innovation.com. Published on Nov 30, 2017.

  Last week I did a keynote at the National Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning at the National University of Singapore. One of the other keynotes was Michelene Chi from Arizona State University. She gave a really interested talk on the ICAP framework they have developed. ICAP stands for Interactive, Constructive, Active, and Passive. It defines cognitive [...]

Current research on pedagogical patterns

By Gráinne from e4innovation.com. Published on Nov 29, 2017.

    I’ve just attended the Social Learning conference organized by Open Learning at UNSW. It was a two-day event; I was one of five keynotes and also ran a Learning Design workshop. I was delighted to meet and have the opportunity to talk with the companies Chief Technical Officer, David Collien. It turns out [...]

Learning Design and Curriculum Mapping

By Gráinne from e4innovation.com. Published on Nov 14, 2017.

Image source     As part of some consultancy work I am doing at the moment I am collating tools and frameworks for Learning Design. This blog post provides a summary of what I have uncovered.   Improvement in course design and course review processes has elevated in importance at most Australian universities in the [...]

Making the social learning conference: social…

By Gráinne from e4innovation.com. Published on Sep 29, 2017.

I’ve just had a Skype call about the social learning conference in Sydney that I am doing a keynote for at the end of November. This is being organized by OpenLearning in partnership with MEIPTA: OpenLearning is an educational technology platform formed by academics, which provides the technology and pedagogical support for universities, to move beyond traditional instructivist [...]

Fostering a research community

By Gráinne from e4innovation.com. Published on Jul 25, 2017.

    Image source   I am currently looking at ways of fostering an educational research community and thought I would share some of my ideas here. It is worth beginning with a definition of what educational research is i.e. ‘the systematic collection and analysis of data related to the field of education’. Education is a complex [...]

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