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Si los perros volaran. La Historia de Rafael Perrotta [If dogs could fly. Rafael Perrotta’s story] (De la Puente, Díaz, Blanco 2017) 4th February 2020 – Ken Edwards Lecture Theatre 3 – 18:00-20:00


This documentary rescues the figure of Rafael Perrotta, a key character, strangely forgotten in the history of journalism in Argentina. Perrotta was a man who lived with great intensity one the most difficult moments of Argentine history. In the 1970s, as editor of the newspaper "El Cronista Comercial", he formed a unique newsroom. It had prominent journalists from different political tendencies, which generated an ideological and informative wealth that was transferred to the pages of the journal. Coming from a wealthy family, belonging to the exclusive elite of the upper classes, a friend of personalities like the dictator Emilio Massera and former minister of Economy of the military dictatorship, Alfredo Martinez de Hoz, Perrotta decided to take sides in a very critical moment of Argentina's history. His religious education and his generosity led him to feel anxious about social inequality and lack of freedom that existed in the country in those dark years. Over time these concerns and convictions lead him to join the intelligence section of the Revolutionary Workers Party. This fact was read by the military hierarchy as an irrefutable sign of extreme betrayal to his class. He was abducted in June 1977, becoming one of the countless “desaparecidos” [disappeared] in the country.


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