Why does translation and interpreting matter? – As seen from major events in history and now

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16 May 2019 - The 4th annual lecture for the Centre for Translation and Interpreting Studies. A talk from Prof Binhua Wang from the University of Leeds.


Date: 16 May 2019

Time: 6.00pm - 8.00pm (including drinks reception)

Venue: Bennett Lecture Theatre 5

ContactDr Yan Ying


Speaker: Prof Binhua Wang, University of Leeds

Translation and interpreting are not simply verbal transfer that can be easily replaced by the machine. In this talk, I am going to uncover the important role of translation and interpreting activities in various aspects as follows:

1)    in developing diplomatic relations;

2)    in international communication of news in the media;

3)    in discourse construction concerning national security and core interests;

4)    in going-global efforts of businesses;

5)    in academic and cultural exchanges;

6)    in national image construction of countries.

Drawing upon my experience as a veteran interpreter and translator during the past 20 years, I will illustrate the above six aspects with anecdotes in the profession and examples from major events in history and now. Through this talk, I hope to highlight the value of human translation and interpreting in the age of artificial intelligence.


Prof Binhua Wang is Chair/professor of interpreting and translation studies and programme director of MA Conference Interpreting and Translation Studies in University of Leeds. As a veteran English/Chinese interpreter with 20 years’ experience, he is Fellow of the “Chartered Institute of Linguists” (CIOL). His research has focused on various aspects of interpreting and translation studies, in which he has published over 40 articles in refereed CSSCI/Core journals and SSCI/A&HCI journals and two monographs.

*External participants are advised to email soaevents@leicester.ac.uk to register attendance.

Tel: 0116 252 2620

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