Translation and Creativity

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6 December 2018 - (Part of the LeCTIS seminar series 2018/19) It is the purpose of this talk to dispel the impression that translation is not a creative endeavour and will examine the notion of creativity, and translation.


Date: 6 December 2018 
Time: 4.30pm - 6pm
Location: Bennett Lecture Theatre 5

Contact: Kirsten Malmkjær


According to Richards (1979: 4-5),

Goethe devoted so much time and effort to translation [during the years 1795 to 1805] because he could do no other – because he had reached an impasse in his creative life… Goethe’s response to this creative paralysis was translation. By this means he hoped to fill unproductive hours with literary work, even though of a subordinate kind, and to discover the key to the poetic process itself and thereby make the expedient translation unnecessary in his future career.

It is the purpose of my talk to dispel the impression that translation is not a creative endeavour. To that end, I will examine the notion (or notions) of creativity and of translation (a) theoretically and (b) by exemplification.

About the speaker

Kirsten is professor of translation studies at Leicester. She established Leicester’s Centre for Translation and its MA and BA programmes, and she still supervises PhD students here.

She has taught at the universities of Birmingham, Cambridge and Middlesex. At Birmingham, she designed the MA in Translation; at Cambridge, she directed the MPhil in English and Applied Linguistics, and at Middlesex, she led the MA in Translation.

She is especially interested in translation theory, Danish literature in translation into English, the relationships between translation and other academic subjects, for example linguistics, philosophy, and language learning, and in the relationship between translation and creativity.

Recent publications include the Routledge Handbook of Translation Studies and Linguistics (ed. 2018), the collection of articles, Key Cultural Texts in Translation (John Benjamins 2018), co-edited with Adriana Serban and Fransiska Louwagie, and the article, ‘Angst and Repetition in Danish Literature and its Translation: From Kierkegaard to Kristensen and Høeg’ in Jean Boase-Beier (ed.) Palgrave Handbook of Literary Translation. 2018.

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