Interdisciplinary Connections seminar: Sampling Methods and Linguistic Findings in Desert Island Discs Over Time

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Wednesday 16 May 2018 - Taking Desert Island Discs as an example, this paper explores the value of radio archives for linguistic/interdisciplinary research, and issues of sampling.
Date Wednesday, 16 May 2018
Time 12noon-1pm
Location Attenborough Tower, Room 206
Contact Dr Nicholas Smith
No booking required

Speakers: Nick Smith and Cathleen Waters


This talk is about two things

  1. the value of radio archives for linguistic and interdisciplinary research
  2. questions of sampling when using radio archives

In both cases we use the long-running BBC radio show Desert Island Discs (DID) as an illustration.

The show's longevity (1942 to present), consistency of format, and accessible demographic information about the guests and hosts make it ripe for multi-/interdisciplinary research and experiments in sampling. We argue that more systematic and controlled studies of DID are possible if we create a transcribed, digitised corpus from the archive, and add in social metadata on the speakers.

We devote most of the talk to the second issue, to see whether changing the way you sample speakers on a radio show gives significantly different linguistic results.

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