Underwater Love: Romantic Poets and Sacred Founts

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23 January 2019 - Part of the Interdisciplinary Connections: Explorations in Research Methods seminar series, with speaker Professor Phil Shaw.


Date: Wednesday 23 January 2019
Time: 1.00pm-2.00pm
Location: ATT Seminar Block room 202

Co-ordinatorDr Anne Marie D'Arcy


Speaker: Professor Phil Shaw

Ovid’s account of the pursuit of the nymph Arethusa by the river god Alpheus in book 5 of the Metamorphoses has attracted the attention of several Romantic poets, including Byron, Keats and Wordsworth. Following a brief discussion of Byron’s encounter with the restorative qualities of Arethusa’s sacred fount on Ithaca in 1823, the paper will look at how Keats and Wordsworth responded to Ovid’s retelling of this legend, beginning with a reading of the charged sensuality of Endymion (Book 2. Lines 912-1023) and concluding with an examination of the authoritarian warnings of the 1805 Prelude (Book 10. Lines 941-1038) and the late period sonnet ‘At Dover’ (1838).

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