NRPSI and the regulation of professional interpreting

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14 March 2019 - Part of the LeCTIS Seminar Series 2018/19 - Spring. A presentation by the Executive Director of the NRPSI on the organisation, its roles and responsibilities, and the benefits of registering for it.


Date: 14 March 2019
Time: 4.30pm-6.00pm
Venue: Bennett Lecture Theatre 5

ContactDr Yan Ying


SpeakerStephen Bishop, Executive Director of the National Register of Public Service Interpreters

Stephen will give a presentation about the organisation. He will explain NRPSI’s role and responsibilities, its registration requirements, and benefits of registering.

The National Register of Public Service Interpreters is the UK’s independent voluntary regulator for the interpreting profession and:

  • protects the public while promoting and maintaining best practice standards
  • prescribes or ‘recognises’ the qualifications needed to become a professional interpreter
  • maintains the UK Register of public service interpreters
  • ensures that interpreters meet our standards for conduct and practice (Registrants are subject to the NRPSI Code of Professional Conduct)
  • investigates complaints about Registrants’ conduct or competence

Interpreters register to demonstrate their commitment to professional standards and to provide a guarantee of quality assurance to clients. Public services such as police, courts and local authorities, as well as the general public, can approach Registrants for employment or appointment to an assignment. The Register is publicly available and free to search online. Registered public service interpreters are entitled to use the designation RPSI (Registered Public Service Interpreter). Their profiles are available online for confirmation of registration and potential client contact and they are issued with a photo ID card.

About the speaker

With a background in educational and professional publishing, Stephen has been Executive Director of NRPSI, the voluntary regulator for public service interpreters, since April 2013. He is experienced in serving the needs of professionals who have a desire to maintain and develop their professional skills. As General Manager at the British Editorial Society of Bone and Joint Surgery (1997-2010) he played a central role in moving delivery of the CPD programme aimed at the orthopaedic profession online. He also oversaw a local language translation programme that included new Spanish, Greek, Portuguese and Japanese editions. National Register of Pubic Service Interpreters.

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