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20 February 2019 - Part of the Interdisciplinary Connections: Explorations in Research Methods seminar series, this talk is about Dr Mary Ann Lund's ongoing project ‘Poetry and Presence’, a series of public outreach activities (including an exhibition and a retreat) dedicated to the meditative reading of poetry


Date: Wednesday 20 February 2019
Time: 1.00pm-2.00pm
Location: ATT Seminar Block room 202

Co-ordinatorDr Anne Marie D'Arcy


Speaker: Dr Mary Ann Lund

In this talk, Dr Mary Ann Lund will discuss her public outreach project ‘Poetry and Presence’, which explores meditative practices of reading poetry in communal settings. It is interested in the relationship between poetry, place, contemplation, and silence.

The talk will both report on these activities and describe some of the models for a project that has been collaborative, exploratory, and sometimes experimental in its approach. It will also discuss some of the possibilities for research and teaching that have developed as unforeseen but happy by-products of this project.

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