Miriam Cady


Email: mac66@le.ac.uk

Start Date: October 2009

Status: Full time

Supervisor: Dr Phillip Lindley

Project Title

Ruins of the British Country House

Description of the Project

My PhD project is a study of the cultural history of the country house from an architectural perspective, through the scope of the ruins of country houses. Using case studies of country houses in standing ruins from a wide geographical area within the UK, I will examine how and why some country houses have fallen into disuse, eventually becoming ruins. Extending this, I will place the ruins within the larger framework of memory, ideas of authenticity and the construction of history. I would also like to study the aesthetics of and atmosphere created by these ruins. Additionally, I will explore how different heritage organisations choose to interpret the ruins for the public.

Other Research Activities

I am also interested in the intersection of material culture and identity within Star Trek fan culture and presented my paper The use of material culture by Trekkies in the negotiation of their identities at the Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and Commonwealth conference in April 2009

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