Ling-Ching Chiang



Start Date: January 2009

Status: Full time

Supervisor: Dr Simon Richards and Professor James Chapman

Project Title

The representation of the city in Taiwanese art cinema from the late 1980s to the present.

Project Description

This thesis argues that the major cinematic style of Taiwanese art cinema is substantially constructed by a few leading directors’ understanding and representation of urban experience. In other words, this thesis argues that the way auteurism reacts and engages with urbanization is an important creative source of Taiwanese art cinema. The subject for this research includes major works of Taiwan New Cinema and its later successors; by extension, the contemporary phenomenon of cinema, which emerges since 2008 and considered as Taiwan Post New Cinema, will also be discussed.

Other Reseach Activities

09/04/2010: "City films, art cinema and Taiwan." The 3rd CPN conference of British Association of Chinese Studies (BACS), Oxford University.

30/10/2009: "Analysis of Taiwan Post -New Cinema’s aesthetic from the Hyper- space in Orz Boyz". Auteurism and Popularity: Post-Taiwan New Cinema in 2008 International Symposium, Institution of Chinese Literature and Philosophy, Academia Sinica, Taipei.

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