Centre for the Study of the Country House

Founded in 2004, this is an innovative joint venture between the Lamport Hall Preservation Trust and the University of Leicester to promote all aspects of the study of great historic houses and their surroundings, design, construction and conservation.

Lamport new
Lamport Hall, Northamptonshire
Areas studied in the Centre include:

  • The architecture of country houses and their gardens; their landscapes and literature
  • Art collections and furnishings
  • Their artistic representations
  • The technologies employed to build and service the houses and their surrounding estates
  • Their histories and the histories of those who lived in them
  • Their funding, administration and conservation

Postgraduate Degrees

Lamport Hall

Throughout its research and teaching, the Centre makes considerable use of our unique access to Lamport Hall and its contacts and archives, as well as studying its architecture and art, and landscape and estate. There will be plenty of opportunity for visits to other country houses and to London museums, houses and galleries.

The Centre has developed an external programme of annual guest lectures and individual study days at Lamport Hall. We collaborate, in developing our teaching and research programme, with other country houses and specialised research institutions.

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