Staff-Student Committee

Meetings take place two or three times a term, usually at lunchtime on a Wednesday, seven days before a School Meeting (staff meeting).

The Student-Staff Committee exists so that students have an official body that can present to staff - formally or informally - any matters of concern about courses, syllabuses, marking or availability of books, etc.  Items discussed are passed on to all staff, helping us evaluate and improve our work and practice.

Minutes are posted on the noticeboard in the corridor of the Archaeology and Ancient History Building, on Blackboard, and also on this web-page.

Student members represent each of the undergraduate years and courses.  Notices will be put up by the Students’ Union early in the autumn term inviting people to serve on the Committee.  If necessary, elections will be held.

Make sure you know who your student representative is, and get them to raise on your behalf any issues of general interest - their job is to make representations on behalf of a group, not on behalf of individuals.  If you serve as a representative, you should talk to your fellow students and see what concerns enough of them to make it worth raising them at a meeting.  Student representatives' names and e-mail contacts will be listed on noticeboards from the autumn term.  The Students' Union's Educational Unit provides training for student members of SSC.

Procedures are informal but there is often a set Agenda.  Notice of items for discussion may be given to the Secretary.  Items are raised at the next School Meeting, which may be attended (except for confidential business) by Student Representatives. The Chair of the Student-Staff Committee will inform the next meeting of SSC about decisions made in School Meetings.

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