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Additional forms for dissertation activities

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Welcome to the Dissertation section of the website. Here you will find all the forms and additional information (some of which you will also find duplicated on Blackboard) that you will need to complete your Dissertation.

The most important form you need to complete is the Dissertation Topics Form. Before you open the form, follow the link here to a copy of the form so you can see a list of the questions and areas where you will need to add text to the form.

You cannot save the form as you work so you will need to prepare answers to each question before you hit the submit button.

The link to that Dissertation Topics Form is right here: Dissertation Topics Form

The last question asks you about Research Ethics. There is a link to the ethics website here: Research Ethics - if you click yes to the question, you must discuss this aspect of your research with your Supervisor, they will advise you further about this aspect of your research project.

If you are undertaking any research off campus, you may need to complete a Risk Assessment Form, again speak to your Supervisor about this. You will find a link here: Risk Assessment Form

Dissertation Form Copy

PDF document icon Dissertation Form Copy.pdf — PDF document, 199 kB (203857 bytes)

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