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Monographs published by the School of Archaeology and Ancient History

Archaeology of Money - HaselgroveThe Archaeology of Money (Proceedings of the Workshop ‘Archaeology of Money’, University of Tübingen, October 2013)

Edited by Colin Haselgrove and Stefan Krmnicek

Leicester Archaeology Monograph 24.  (2016)

ISBN 978-0-9574792-3-4  Paperback. xviii+ 226pp + index. £18.99 + p&p


In the Company of the Preachers. The Archaeology of Medieval Friaries in England and Wales

By Deirdre O'Sullivan

Leicester Archaeology Monograph 23.  (2013)

ISBN 978-0-9574792-0-3  Paperback. xvi+ 409pp. £38.00 + p&p


A Fine and Private PlaceA Fine and Private Place: the Archaeology of Death and Burial in Post-medieval Britain and Ireland by Annia Cherryson, Zoë Crossland  & Sarah Tarlow.

Leicester Archaeology Monograph 22. (2012)         
ISBN 978-0-9560179-8-7  Paperback. x+ 276pp. 
£32.00 + p&p


Hoards, Hounds and HelmetsHoards, Hounds and Helmets. A conquest-period ritual site at Hallaton, Leicestershire by Vicki Score

Leicester Archaeology Monograph No.21 (2012)        
xvii + 302pp index, 109 figs ISBN 978-0-9560179-6-3 Hardback
£30.00 +p&p



Bronze Age Ceremonial EnclosuresBronze Age Ceremonial Enclosures and Cremation Cemetery at Eye Kettleby, Leicestershire by Neil Finn

Leicester Archaeology Monograph No.20 (2011)       
Xii + 152pp index, 82 figs, 36 tables ISBN 978-0-9560179-5-6 Hardback
£20.00 +p&p



aggregated settlementsTwo Iron Age 'Aggregated' Settlements in the Environs of Leicester.

Excavations at Beaumont Leys and Humberstone by John Thomas

Leicester Archaeology Monograph No.19 (2011)        
Xii + 179 pp, index, 127 B&W and colour figs; Hardback ISBN 978-0-9560179-4-9
£20.00 +p&p



Debating Urbanism. Within and Beyond the walls A.D. 300-700

Edited by Denis Sami and Gavin Speed

Leicester Archaeology Monograph No. 17 (August 2010)
xxix + 296 pp, 89 BW & Colour figs.  Paperback ISBN 978-0-9560179-2-5
£21.00 +p&p


In search of iron ageIn search of the Iron Age (Proceedings of the IARSS 2008)

Edited by Martin Sterry, Andy Tullett and Nick Ray

Leicester Archaeology Monograph No.18 (2010)
xiv + 274pp, 61 figures. Paperback.  ISBN 978-0-9560179-3-2
£18.00 +p&p


Hemington 2

The Hemington Bridges:  The excavation of three medieval bridges at Hemington Quarry, near Castle Donington, Leicestershire

By Susan Ripper and Lynden P. Cooper
Leicester Archaeology Monograph No. 16 (2009)
xx + 257 pp, 102 b/w illus, 14 colour plates (Hardback) ISBN 978-0-9560179-1-8
£25.00 +p&p



From Captivity to Freedom: Themes in Ancient and Modern Slavery

Edited by Constantina Katsari and Enrico Del Lago
Leicester Archaeology Monograph No.15 (2008)

x + 174 pp, ISBN 9780956017901,
£18.00 +p&p



Monument, Memory and Myth, Use and re-use of three Bronze Age barrows at Cossington, Leicestershire.

By John Thomas (with contributions from Jen Browning, Susan Ripper, Angela Monckton, Lynden Cooper and Nick Cooper)

Leicester Archaeology Monograph No.14 (2008)
144 pp, 19 Plates, 91 Figs. £17.50 +p&p

East ClayThe Archaeology of the East Midlands. An Archaeological Resource Assessment and Research Agenda

Edited by Nicholas J Cooper, with contributions by G.Campion, P.Clay, S.Collcutt, P. Courtney, R. Jacobi, C. Lewis, J. McNabb, A. Monckton, A. Myers, J. Taylor, A. Vince and S. Willis

Leicester Archaeology Monograph No.13, ISBN 095389147x,
377 pp, 72 figs and  8 tables.  £19.95 + p&p

EthnographyEthnography and Archaeology in Upland Mediterranean Spain. Manolo's world: Peopling the recent past in the Serra de L'Altmirant

by Neil Christie, Paul Beavitt, Josep A Gisbert Santonja, Joan Seguí and Maria Victoria Gil Senís, with contributions by Josep Castelló, Oliver Creighton and Ferran-Lluís Naya i Alemany

Leicester Archaeology Monograph No.12
194 pp, 93 plates and 62 figs. £18 + p&p

Researching Iron AgeRe-Searching the Iron Age

Edited by Jodie Humphrey

Leicester Archaeology Monograph No.11 (2003)
Special Offer! £12 +p&p



CoinsCoins, cult and cultural identity: Augustan coins, hot springs and the early Roman baths at Bourbonne-les-Bains

By Eberhard Sauer

Leicester Archaeology Monograph No.10
324 pp, 11 plates, 51 figures. ISBN 0-9538914-4-5. £30 +p&p


ClaylandsThe Prehistory of the East Midlands Claylands

By Patrick Clay

Leicester Archaeology Monograph No.9 (2002)
£17 - currently on offer at £10 +p&p



Material cultureResearching Material Culture

Edited by Susan Pearce

Leicester Archaeology Monograph No.8 (First in an series of occasional papers from the Material Culture Study Group).

£15, Special Offer! £10 +p&p


MesolithicMesolithic: Current Research from Britain and Ireland

Edited by Rob Young

Leicester Archaeology Monograph No.7 (2000)
ISBN 0 9538914 1 0, vi + 231pp


East Midlands

The Archaeology of Rutland Water: Excavations at Empingham, 1967-73 & 1990

By Nick Cooper

Leicester Archaeology Monograph No.6
ISBN 0 9538914 0 2    


Causeway LaneRoman and medieval occupation in Causeway Lane, Leicester

By Aileen Connor and Richard Buckley

Leicester Archaeology Monograph No.5
Special offer! £5 + p&p. ISBN 0 9510377 8 1


NorthernNorthern Exposure: interpretative devolution and the Iron Ages in Britain

Edited by Bill Bevan

Leicester Archaeology Monograph No.4 (1999)
£18. Special offer here! £10 + p&p, ISBN 0 9510377 9 X, 288 pp, 40 line drawings 6 plates.

Roman ImperialismRoman Imperialism: Post-Colonial Perspectives (A collection of papers originally presented to a symposium held at Leicester University in November 1994)

Edited by Jane Webster and Nicholas Cooper

Leicester Archaeology Monograph No.3 (1996)  OUT OF PRINT - available online here
ISBN 0 9510377 6 5, 144 pp, 6 line drawings.

Industrial HeritageManaging the Industrial Heritage (A collection of papers originally presented to a seminar held at Leicester University in July 1994)

Edited by Marilyn Palmer and Peter Neaverson

Leicester Archaeology Monograph No.2 (1995)
Special Offer! £10 + p&p, ISBN 0 9510377 5 7, 161 pp, 65 photographs and 24 line drawings.

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