Dr Richard Ward

Strand 1: The Criminal Justice System


Richard is currently a Research Associate at the University of Sheffield, working on a major, interdisciplinary project, The Digital Panopticon: The Global Impact of London Punishments, 1780–1925 (http://www.digitalpanopticon.org/), funded as part of the AHRC’s ‘Digital Transformations’ programme. The project uses digital technologies to reconstruct the lives of the 90,000 or so offenders sentenced to transportation to Australia or imprisonment in Great Britain in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Richard’s first monograph, Print Culture, Crime and Justice in Eighteenth-Century London (Bloomsbury, 2014), provides the first detailed study of crime reporting across a range of eighteenth-century publications (including newspapers, the Old Bailey Proceedings, Ordinary’s Accounts and graphic prints) to explore the influence of print upon contemporary perceptions of crime and upon the making of the law and its administration in the metropolis.

In 2012 Richard was awarded the Herman Diederiks Prize by the International Association for the History of Crime and Criminal Justice for his article 'Print Culture, Moral Panic, and the Administration of the Law: The London Crime Wave of 1744', published in the journal Crime, History & Societies.

Contact:  richard.ward@sheffield.ac.uk

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