Season 4 (2013)

Welcome to the 2013 Webdiary!

This page contains a week by week summary of the 2013 excavation season as it unfolded, with many pictures of the key discoveries. The excavation season was running from mid-June to mid-July 2013


This fourth season of excavation carried on from the 2012 work to gather more information about the hillfort interior. By targeting specific areas, using the geophysics results as a guide, this year's aim was to increase understanding of the nature of occupation within the hillfort and how it might have changed over time. By the end of this year's excavations the project will have examined a variety of archaeological remains in different areas within the hillfort to give a fuller understanding of the sites occupation and use.

Hillfort from the cabin 2


The first view of the hillfort this year......the cabins are set is good to be back





This year's trenches.....

Geophysical survey of Burrough Hill showing trench locations for 2013

Trench 8 is located in the south-west corner of the hillfort to investigate geophysical survey results. A second aim of trench 8 is to look at the entrance in this corner. Is this an Iron Age entrance or the result of later use of the site?

Trench 9 is located in the north eastern corner of the hillfort with the aim of revealing more about the occupation in this area of the site. This area was chosen as the geophysical survey revealed several overlapping results including roundhouses and a linear boundary. This trench has the potential to provide information on different periods of activity and changing use of Burrough Hill over time.

Jeremy giving the site tour





Dr. Jeremy Taylor welcomes the 1st years to Burrough Hill.......they have two weeks of excavations ahead.









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