Places of worship in Leicester

This map displays current and former places of worship within the city of Leicester (not including those within other institutions, such as schools, hospitals, etc.). Mapping data provided by Google Maps. Data regarding places of worship obtained from: Moore, Andrew. 2008. Where Leicester has worshipped. Laurel House Publishing, Leicester. If you discover an error or wish to provide other feedback on this map, please email the administrators at (please note, however, that updating of this map is undertaken on a voluntary basis, so any reply may take some time).

Please scroll down the page to select different religions. The map can be explored in the usual Google Maps way, by dragging, zooming etc. using your mouse and / or the tools that appear around the edges of the map canvas.

Click on the markers for more information. Colour shows current status of each site:
Red Marker Red = Destroyed; Orange Marker Orange = Not currently used for worship; Yellow Marker Yellow = In use; White Marker White = Unknown.

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