Leicester Secular Hall

Leicester Secular Hall, Humberstone Gate LE1 1WB


Secularism: an overview

Secularism is the belief that religion and religious views should exist separately from political and civil government. The belief allows individuals to be unconnected rather than grouped according to their religious views. Secularists oppose the building of faith schools.

The term Secularism was coined by British writer George Holyoak in 1851, the same year that the Leicester Secular Society was founded.

Secularism in Leicester

Leicester Secular Society advocates and campaigns for an inclusive and plural society free from religious privilege, prejudice and discrimination. The Society is committed to:

  • Creating a civil society that is for everyone equally, that promotes respect for individual human rights and encourages trust and cooperation between those sharing these values.
  • Opposing policies that emphasise religious identity and allow religious discrimination or indoctrination in education and social services.
  • Opposing religious privilege and the promotion of any religion by the state.

The Secular Hall

The Secular Hall, which opened in 1881, was built for the Leicester Secular Society. Designed by a young innovative architect, W Larner Sugden, it opened 30 years after the foundation of the Society and is one of the most significant Victorian buildings within the city.

The Secular Hall holds various seminars and talks and is available for hire.

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tel. 0759 897 1420

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