Welcome to the Leicester Faith Trail

Leicester is one of the most diverse cities in Europe, with a variety of different ethnic and religious communities, each with their own history and heritage. This Faith Trail aims to introduce you to the history and beliefs of the main faith groups in Leicester.

This walking trail, of just less than three miles, follows a route around the city providing an appreciation of the historical interest and importance of faith sites and other related buildings of interest. We have highlighted buildings which include historical, modern and adapted architecture illustrating the diversity of the vibrant places of worship in Leicester.

It is not our intention to exclude any religions, sects or branches of faiths; all those included are members of Leicester Council of Faiths. It is important to note that the brief statements on this website and in the booklet are merely an introduction to each religion and you may wish to contact the faith organisations directly if you require further information.

The Faith Trail has been produced by the University of Leicester with the support of Leicester Council of Faiths.

We hope you will enjoy reading the booklet, following the trail, and celebrating the diversity and variety of Leicester’s multicultural communities.

General Guidelines

When visiting places of worship please be respectful at all times and comply with the rules of each site.

  • Do not disturb people who are worshipping.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Do not eat, drink or chew gum.
  • Respect all images and statues.

Leicester Council of Faiths

Leicester Council of Faiths was formed in 1986 to establish, maintain and promote Leicester’s reputation as a place where people of different religions and beliefs co-exist peacefully. It promotes trust, understanding and co-operation among the city’s faith communities, speaks up for their viewpoint on significant issues, and provides reliable information to civic.

T: 0116 254 6868
W: www.leicestercounciloffaiths.org
10 Bishop Street Town Hall Square, Leicester LE1 6AF


The Leicester Faith Trail has been produced by the University of Leicester, School of Archaeology and Ancient History.

The University of Leicester would like to thank all the religious sites for participating in the creation of this faith trail and for all those who have provided information and support in its development.

The Faith Trail Team of second year undergraduate students complied the information and created the trail route: Bipin Banwatt, Jodie Hannis, Philip Hughes, Kristina King, Amy Marsh, Daljit Rai, Amy Rutland, Paul Sharrock, Alex Stern.

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