A research network - directed by Penelope Allison (Univ. of Leicester) and Martin Pitts (Univ. of Exeter)

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This research network (2015-2016) aimed to develop interdisciplinary, quantitative and qualitative approaches to material-cultural evidence for social relations around food and drink. The network ran for 18 months (June 2015 - Dec. 2016). The main activities of the network were centred on two 2-day workshops, each with c. 36 participants HEI and non-HEI  institutions from UK, Europe, Egypt and North America.

Aims and participants of the research network

Workshop 1 - (26th-27th September, College Court Conference Centre, Univ. of Leicester) abstracts

Workshop 2  - (6th-7th July  2016, Innovation Centre, Univ. of Exeter)

Results are now published as an open-access publication: Allison, P. M., M. Pitts, S, Colley (eds) Big Data on the Roman Table: New approaches to tablewares in the Roman world, Internet Archaeology volume 50 (2018 - special dedicated volume -

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