The Team

The team on their way to site for a day's digging...

The team continue on their way...

The team arrive...


The Cesenatico 2008 team consisted of a compact - but enthusiastic- (and well tanned!) group of staff and students (and dog).From Left to right: Neil Christie, Denis Sami, Michael Condry, Gavin Speed, Pauline Carroll, Holly Trubshawe, and Michael Kernot. We also thank Fabio for his hard work, and other helpers including Fabrizio, Denis' dad Aldo, plus the many visitors - including the mayor, museum staff and the local newspapers!

the team 1

the team 2

Tired diggers

No shade at all - except for the large umbrella - which often blew away!

Complex recording 


total station recording

Dr Enrico Cirelli of Ravenna University lends a hand in planning the site.

student accomdation

Our many thanks to the Agriturismo, who gave fine accomodation and food to our students. Neil & Gavin meanwhille give a 'grazie tante' to Aldo and Wilma Sami, for space, food, hospitality and kindness across the excavation period.

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