Results from Trench 10

Trench 10 revealed a well-preserved 9 metre wide road, constructed of cobbles - and some tile -on compacted gravels and clay. As shown by ceramic and coin evidence from its surface and construction, it dates to the late Roman period. Images below show the road trench under excavation.

Trench 10 begins

Trench 10 cleaning 2

Trench 10 Roman road

Many coins were found during the two week excavation in Trench 10 as elsewhere, including this fine example found close to the road. It is of Emperor Gordian, dating from the 240s AD. Coins found within the road make-up date it to the 4th century AD, suggesting it comes from an earlier period of Roman settlement on the site.

Trench 10 coin find

coin found

Gordian coin


 Results from Trench 16

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