Archaeological Investigations at Ad Novas - Cesenatico, Italy 2008

These pages introduce the background to and results of an archaeological project that took place in September 2008 as a collaboration between the University of Leicester (School of Archaeology & Ancient History) and the commune (town council) of Cesenatico, Emilia-Romagna province, in north-east Italy.

Cesenatico 2008


The project's aim is to elucidate the Roman and late antique heritage of Cesenatico, to trace the nature of Roman settlement, from possible villa to village, road settlement or even a small township. How far back do Cesenatico's origins go? What role did it play? What can archaeology reveal?


The 2008 fieldwork followed earlier, preliminary studies in 2006, and has developed much of our understanding of Roman Cesenatico. Two main trenches were opened, Trench 10 which focused on a major Late Roman road, whilst Trench 16 revealed evidence for a substantial building along with a major surprise. In addition small test trenches were made to assess the wider archaeological deposits of the site.


Follow the links below to explore the site to learn of the exciting discoveries made this summer:


The project was directed by Dr. Neil Christie, organised by Denis Sami, and supervised by Gavin Speed (all of the School of Archaeology & Ancient History, University of Leicester). The project was undertaken with the co-operation of the Soprintendenza Archeologia per Emilia-Romagna, and we thank Maria Grazia Maioli for her support.

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